About Us

Alnawras was set up in 2011 to specialize in air product machinery from the oil field industry to the shipping industry. Alnawras is your partner for Services & quality engineered products that offer a winning combination of class technology, customized solutions, and personalized expert support. Our engineering expertise, coupled with worldwide sourcing and service capabilities, ensure the most reliable, energy-efficient, and innovative solutions in the industry with the lowest & affordable cost.


Alnawras represents catering to a variety of industrial sectors including but not limited to oilfield and petrochemical companies, The marine industry, the packaging industry, food & beverage manufacturing companies, & glass manufacturing companies. Alnawras excels with all types of processes like sales, service, refurbishing & rentals of air compressors, tugger winches as well as other equipment.

Our Quality Management System Includes:

All aspects of business functions like sales, services, marketing & operations.

Instage Testing And Inspection.

Final System Inspection.

Project Management.

Installation Of Systems.

Customer Satisfaction.

Training And Commission.